Tonsil Stones Treatments, Three Ways To Remove It

The uncomfortable effect caused by tonsil stones surely wants to make you remove them. From preventive to preserve treatments, below are three main Tonsil Stones treatments that can be taken into your consideration.

1. Preventive Treatments

It is always better to prevent any disease instead of curing it. The same rule also applies when it comes to tonsils infection that causes the growth of tonsil stones inside your mouth. Before regretting why you did not pay attention to your oral hygiene and health seriously, please take a look at the following lists that hopefully, can help you prevent the development of harmful tonsil stones.

Tonsil Stones Treatments

  1. Never forget to brush your teeth regularly or as often as you can. The ideal daily dose of brushing teeth that you need is 2-3 times a day. Brushing your teeth will clean the prime parts of your mouth and decrease the possibilities of growing tonsil stones.
  2. Always clean your tongue with a tongue scraper after you brush your teeth every day. The scraper is really useful to remove bacteria, food particles and other debris that left on your tongue, preventing them from causing the tonsil stones to develop larger.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated. Make a friend with water in every activity you do during the day. Drinking water as much as you can dissolve any disease and mucus as well as naturally kick away the causes of tonsil stones. A lot of water that you consume will also produce more saliva that can prevent dry mouth.
  4. Despite its delightful taste, please stay away from soda, coffee, and tea since those particular drinks contain caffeine that can cause the tonsils stones to build up. Additionally, you need to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption with the aim of preventing your mouth from becoming dry.
  5. Control the amount of dairy products you eat and drink every day. While dairy products such as milk, butter, and cheese are needed to improve your cell metabolism, an excessive consumption of those products may cause the great production of mucus that becomes the cause of tonsil stones.
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2. Alternative Tonsil Stones Treatments Besides Medical Operation

If you are too late to have preventive treatments and your tonsil stones are already developed, all left to do for you are getting the treatments to tonsil stones in a safe and effective way. The complete process of tonsil stones removal is usually done through an operation called tonsillectomy. It is a good way to remove the tonsil stones completely, but also a little bit risky and relatively expensive.

tonsil stones treatment with doctors

It is important to mention that unless the tonsil stones cause a serious and chronic health problem, tonsillectomy will not be advised to adults who are suffering from tonsils infection. The reason behinds such condition is because adults who undergo this treatment often experience longer recovery times.

Therefore, it is considered common for many people to seek other alternatives in removing the tonsil stones. Several options below are listed for you who are looking for quick and easy ways to dissolve the uncomfortable stones on your tonsils.

1. Nasal irrigation

This process is also known as the sinus rinse. It is a quick way to stop post nasal drip caused by growing tonsil stones. To do this treatment, you need a squirt bottle filled up with saline solution (a mixture of salt and pure water). The salt solution will clear up the mucus and bacteria around your nose and mouth area.

Nasal irrigation can be done in some simple steps. The first steps you need to do are tilting back your head and send the solution from the squirt bottle into your nostrils. When you feel that the saline solution has filled the nasal cavity, bring the solution to your mouth by breathing it, gargle with it for few seconds and spit everything out after making sure that your mouth is already clean.

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2. Laser resurfacing of tonsils

This process of reshaping and smoothing tonsil fissures is given by the doctors using a carbon dioxide laser beam. Laser resurfacing of tonsils will make the tonsil stones disappear because they do not have the chance to form and harden anymore. This treatment causes a small amount of pain because instead of cutting the tonsil crypts, the laser only destroys the crypts area infected by tonsil stones.

However, one of the weaknesses of this treatment includes the tendency of tonsil stones return after some periods of time.

3. Curettage

Curettage refers to the process of the incision in the tonsil areas affected by tonsil stones. This treatment is usually done after tonsil stones cannot be dissolved by traditional way or home remedies. Doctors need to create a small incision around your tonsils in order to remove the tonsil stones.

Curettage is commonly chosen by those who do not want to undergo tonsillectomy but want to destroy the stones completely.

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3. Medicines and Supplements for Tonsil Stones Treatments

tonsil stones medicineMultiple kinds of medicines can be used to cure tonsil stones. You can go by oral antibiotics and pro-biotic, oxygenated tablets or basically other supplements that support your oral health and hygiene. Each medicine and supplement has different use and benefit.

  1. Oral probiotic that provides good bacteria in a larger amount than the usual probiotic. Good bacteria are needed to help you get rid of tonsil stones as it can keep them from growing and returning. Oral probiotics can also dissolve halitosis or bad breath, one of common tonsil stones symptoms.
  2. The antibiotic that will kill harmful bacteria and prevent them from forming tonsil stones. Certain antibiotic help your body system to remove the bacteria on your tonsils that are responsible for causing tonsil stones.
  3. Oxygenated tablets that are useful to remove hidden tonsil stones that are more difficult to reach. The combination of oxygenated tablets and nasal sinus drops work better in curing tonsil stones. You may also consider choosing oxygenation spray if you don’t really like to swallow medicines.
  4. Oral supplements that can make the tonsils healthier. Choose the supplements which contain myrrh, vitamin C, sulfur, goldenseal root or Echinacea.

Although oral medicines and supplements are easy to find in the nearest drug store, please talk to a doctor first before you decide to take any of them as tonsil stones treatments. A consultation session with a right doctor is needed to prevent you from having an allergy or getting unwanted side effects of medicines.

Tonsil Stones Treatments, Three Ways To Remove It
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