6 Tonsil Stones Removal Tools You Could Use

You might need tonsil stones removal tools to get rid of tonsil stones. Find out the info here. Tonsilloliths, or commonly known as tonsil stones, are believed as the oral health problems that can lead to several other health issues inside the oral area and respiration passage. Tonsil stones are caused by the accumulation of bacteria, mucus, leftover food particles and the residue of calcification process (the process of delivering calcium and other substances through the mouth and throat).

tonsil stones removal

Uncontrollable growth of tonsil stones may cause some symptoms such as long lasting bad breath, sore throat, even ear pain. When starting to make those who suffer from tonsil stones uncomfortable, a number of treatments, medical or home remedies, can be done to remove the growing stones from tonsil crypts.

Tonsil Stones Removal Tools

If you are the one who also suffers from this oral problem, you can use the following tonsil stones removal tools that you can easily find at home or the nearest drug store.


Apart from the fact that syringe is commonly used as medical equipment, you can also use this tool at home to clean and remove your tonsil stones. Choose a syringe that has a little-curved hook at the tip of it. This kind of syringe fits comfortably in the tonsil holes, making you easier to reach the deep and hidden tonsil stones.

You can use the syringe in two different ways. First, simply put the curved hook to the affected area of the tonsil and then pull it back after its tiny nozzle sucked out the tonsil stones. Another way to use syringe is filling it with salt water or mouthwash and move it gently inside your mouth, particularly at the tonsil part. The gentle movement of the syringe can flush out any tonsil stones that stuck in your tonsil crypt.

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Using syringe as one of the tonsil stones removal tools can be done in front of the mirror by using a flashlight to make you see the process clearer.

Electric Toothbrush

If you usually use a regular toothbrush, it is better for you to start using an electric toothbrush once you find out that your tonsil stones are growing bigger. The vibration created by electric toothbrush will loosen up the tonsil stones until they fall out from the tonsils. Its gentle movement also helps to break up the stones, and other debris stuck at your tonsils.

When using an electric toothbrush, you may spit out the tonsil stones, mucus, and white debris from the back part of your throat. Therefore, always prepare a cup filled with mouthwash, water, or the solution of salt water during the process. You can gargle with it after the tonsil stones and other substances have been spit out.

Cotton bud

A soft cotton bud or cotton swab is beneficial for removing tonsil stones as it can push out the hidden stones at your tonsils. There are a number of easy and safe steps for you who want to use this small stick as a tonsil stones removal tool.

This treatment has to be done in front of a mirror by using a good flashlight to make you easier in seeing the tonsil stones that are hidden at the back part of your mouth. After making yourself comfortable in front of the mirror, hold the cotton swab with one of your hands, while your other hand presses your jaw area that is close to the tonsil pockets.

The pressure created by pressing your jaw will help you find the hidden location of tonsil stones. Once you find it, gently push the cotton swab towards the location until you can pop the tonsil stones and spit them out.

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tonsil stones removal tools

Besides several traditional tonsil stones removal tools that have been previously mentioned, current technology presents a variety of choices regarding the tonsil stones removal tools.

The following kits are expected to make tonsil stones removal more efficient and practical.

1. Airgoesin Lighted Tonsil Stone Remover Tool

Equipped with an LED light and three attachment heads, this professional tonsil stones removal tools provides the better result in checking your mouth and throat area. The tip of each head is designed in such a way, so it can easily scoop out the tonsil stones without causing sudden gag reflex due to its gentle tip.

The package of this removal tools is also accompanied by an irrigator and a storage case. Although most reviews about the product show that it is a good removal tool choice, Airgoesin Lighted Tonsil Stones Removal Tool does not have enough length to reach deep and hidden tonsil stones that are close to the throat.

2. TheraBreath, NonFluoride Tonsil Stone Removal Kit

TheraBreath Kit is a package of tonsil stones removal tools that consists of one toothpaste, two TheraBreath oral rinses, three fresh breath throat sprays, three nasal sinus drops, one tin of lozenges, two AktivOxigen serums, as well as completed by a set of directions. The main functions of this tonsil stones removal kit include removing the recurrent tonsil stones and preventing them from coming back.

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In line with its complete features and equipment, TheraBreath is relatively more expensive than other similar products. However, considering the functions of TheraBreath that includes oral treatment, you may still want to try this tonsil stones removal tool.

3. H20Floss Oral Irrigator

One of the most common tools to remove tonsil stones is oral irrigator that provides better rinse for your mouth area, particularly removing tonsil stones in certain areas. To fulfill this function, H20Floss comes with 12 different tips that can deal with various issues of oral health.
This oral irrigator operates on the 1200 pulses per minutes. However, when this tool is used to remove tonsil stones, H20Floss Oral Irrigator works best if it is put on the lowest setting. This recommended setting creates a really gentle movement that is beneficial in tonsil stone removal.

Whether it is traditional or modern, any tonsil stones removal tool you choose has to show its best function to remove the tonsil stones completely as well as prevent the symptoms from coming back. You can also take the cleansing feature and comfortable experience into consideration when you want to pick a certain removal tool.

Despite, it is always better for you to apply preventive treatments by always keeping your oral health and hygiene. Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, as well as cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper will help you keep the tonsil stones from growing.

6 Tonsil Stones Removal Tools You Could Use
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