How to Prevent Tonsil Stones? Six Ways To Avoid It

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones? Although tonsil stones are quite life-threatening, most of the people are unaware of their existence and reluctant to see a doctor. Several symptoms can be sensed like the foul-smelling breath, swelling, even being unable to swallow food.

Meanwhile, some factors could be blamed for this condition such as poor mouth hygiene, dry mouth, oral thrush, and even consuming too much milk. The stone formation is built up due to the harmful pathogens, often called as anaerobic bacteria. They can breed in a large amount when their surrounding is acidic and dry.

However, there are some steps you can apply at home on how to prevent tonsil stones:

1. Realize the Symptoms

We know that people tend to ignore to get their throat tested. That’s why when their tonsil stones grow larger and clog their airway; they’ve just realized about the serious matter of their recent health. If you find your back part of the throat swelling and undergoing abnormal condition, you need to google some information on the internet whether the smelly lumps have infected you or you can visit a doctor. Thus, being knowledgeable about the tonsil stones symptoms to anticipate the disease’s coming is very important.

The first clue you need to know is the terrible breath. When people suffer from tonsilloliths, their oral cavity tends to be foul-smelling as the bacteria make an invasion throughout the crypts. There is no use to cleanse the mouth with the toothpaste or even the antiseptic mouthwash. A painful sore throat shouldn’t be overlooked—in some cases, the patient whose throat is filled with mucus and bacteria can’t breathe properly and even swallow the food pieces. Additionally, they will experience coughing and gagging.

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2. Drink Water to Stay Hydrated

One of the effective preventions is to have enough liquid intakes, balanced pH level, and remain hydrated by drinking mineral water. It contains varied beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium that are good to create a healthy ground in the oral area so that the harmful pathogens can’t thrive and reproduce itself—bacteria prefer living in a place whose pH level is under 5.5 (acidic environment).

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones

Not Beer

Gulping fresh water at least 3 liters per day can prevent the developing of unexpected substances that threatening your health.

If you think having mineral water is not adequate, another routine you can do at home is gargling with briny water or the refreshing nonalcoholic mouthwash. The purpose of doing this is to clean up the food debris stuck in the mouth area, as well as the anaerobic area causing the tonsil problem.
Dissolve a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water and gargle thoroughly. The diluted water is also recommended for those who have excessive phlegm and mucus in the nasal passage or throat. Use the similar method then you will find them gone.

3. Keep Good Oral Hygiene

The basic way to keep the bacteria away is letting your mouth cavity stay clean. Just imagine if you have no care on your oral hygiene and allowing viral and bacterial infections to breathe and have a place, then you keep feeding them with the particles from your delicious sugary foods—it would be a disaster. It’s clear that the potential mouth disease will take over your body immune.

The best anticipation is by cleansing your mouth, brushing your teeth, as well as flossing them regularly. For better treatment, see your dentist and be sure that you have no oral problems.

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4. Think of Surgical Removal

This method suggests you to get rid the tonsil stones through medical treatment. The reason someone should consider the surgical method is to prevent the fleshy stone grows larger resulting in worse condition and other complications in the future.

Those with a history of the disease mostly think that the medical removal procedure is the best option instead of using natural remedies. Consult your doctor before your tonsil stones get worse.

5. Choose the Right Foods

Foods are the main contributors why you suffer from the tonsil stones. It has been scientifically proven that food particles are indeed the important source for most of the catastrophic microorganism. Therefore, selecting right foods should be your main priority to avert bad things to happen. You need to watch out for foods containing high protein, mainly on dairy products such as cheese and milk. Mind your drink too. Any kinds of carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverage will surely increase the risk to get the disease. Eliminating them on your diet option is recommended.

Fermented foods can be other options that you can have on how to prevent tonsil stones. Remember that tonsil stones appear due to the accumulation of bad bacteria. To fight against them, you need fermented foods as they are new probiotic powerhouses whose job is to boost your immune system and turn the malicious bacteria into good ones.

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The fermented meals are also beneficial for your digestive and cardiovascular health. The fermented foods that you can try including yogurt, kombucha (the fermented black tea), pickle, sauerkraut (the fermented cabbage), tempeh (the fermented soy beans), and kimchi.

6. Make Healthy Habit

You had better leave bad habits such as smoking, eating foods containing too much fat and carbs, and going sleeping too late. It’s time to turn into a healthy lifestyle. Begin your day with a smile in the morning, brush your teeth or cleanse your mouth, and have the healthy breakfast full of veggies plus a glass of lime squash (without soda and sugar).

Take a little jog outside to get the Vitamin D from the morning sunshine and breathe a lot of oxygen from your green surrounding—you must remember that pathogens will flourish in your mouth when their environment is less oxygenated. Don’t forget to do yoga and workout!

To sum up, several ways on how to prevent tonsil stones are worth trying. Make sure you regularly check your health condition—once every six months is recommended. The most important thing is being persistent and stays motivated. Good luck!

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones? Six Ways To Avoid It
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