What Are Tonsils For? It’s become an alarming issue when bad breath caused by the tonsil stones hit today’s people. The foul-smelling chunk stuck in the rear of the throat is slowly enlarged—the bacteria seem exhilarated, thriving in the tonsillar crypts. […]

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones? Although tonsil stones are quite life-threatening, most of the people are unaware of their existence and reluctant to see a doctor. Several symptoms can be sensed like the foul-smelling breath, swelling, even being unable to swallow […]

Some people tend to ignore their tonsil stones and believes that they are fine. Do you know what type of medical condition is that? It occurs when your tonsils, fleshy tissue composed of tunnels, crevices, and tonsil crypts, turn into […]

You might need tonsil stones removal tools to get rid of tonsil stones. Find out the info here. Tonsilloliths, or commonly known as tonsil stones, are believed as the oral health problems that can lead to several other health issues […]

Many people stay in dead-end jobs because they can’t afford health insurance. There are health insurance alternatives for the self-employed if you get creative. Leaving Corporate America behind can be a scary proposition, especially if there’s a family involved. Trading […]

Tonsil stones, or as known in medical term as tonsilloliths, are formed because of the accumulation of bacteria, debris, mucus, dead cells and food particles that stick inside the tonsil crypts. Those things which are not cleaned properly make the […]

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