How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones? 9 Ways To Do It Properly

Some people tend to ignore their tonsil stones and believes that they are fine. Do you know what type of medical condition is that? It occurs when your tonsils, fleshy tissue composed of tunnels, crevices, and tonsil crypts, turn into larger masses due to bacteria—the disease is also called either tonsilloliths or tonsil stones.

Some factors like poor dental hygiene, chronic sinus problem, and food debris, should be the reason the benign stones appear. If you think they start ruining your day – the bad breath is terrible, removing them would be great.

How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

There are many natural ways on how to get rid of tonsil stones. Check them out below!

1. Gargle with Salty Water

If you’re reluctant to take the medical treatment, a simple way to get rid of tonsil stones is applying a home technique (tonsil stones home remedies) like gargling with salt water, as well as nonalcoholic mouthwash.

How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

not only for flavor

The first step is to dissolve one-fourth to a half teaspoon of salt in a medium glass of warm water then gargle vigorously. This method is somehow effective to discard the horrible smell caused by the lump and so are the food particles, phlegm, and other materials worsening the rear throat’s condition.

2. Drink Water Regularly

Drinking water routinely (at least 3 liters a day) is considered as the simplest yet effective remedy to take the tonsil stones off—make this activity as your daily habit. In addition to that, the transparent liquid helps you stay hydrated and creates a good environment where the harmful bacteria can’t thrive and breed.

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The food debris, as well as threatening materials inside the oral cavity, can be cleaned up by water. Those substances are responsible for building up tonsil stones.

3. Use Cotton Swabs

The use of cotton swabs could be a powerful remedy to take out the stones at the back of your throat. Be sure to wet the both ends of them and gently apply on the stones.

Do this method by locating the big mass in front of the mirror with adequate lighting from the flash. Once your job is done, rinse your mouth with a glass of warm water to clean up the remaining debris and other materials. If you can’t do it by yourself, ask somebody to do it for you.

4. Use a toothbrush

When the cotton swabs can’t tackle down the problem, the toothbrush (both electric and ordinary one) would be so helpful. To use the ordinary toothbrush, turn on the flashlight, locate the tonsil stones with the soft bristles and press them out until your tonsils are clear.

To use the electric toothbrush, you must apply pressure on the stones with the backside of the quivering tool and gently scrub them. If you finish pulling the fleshy mass, clean up your mouth with the mouthwash.

5. Sip Lemon Juice

Why you need to drink a glass of warm lemon juice is because it is super effective in getting rid of the tonsil stones. The vitamin C, as well as the acidic content of the yellow fruit, acts like a fighter defeating the inimical bacteria which take control over the tonsils.

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Add three tablespoons of lemon water in the warm water—if you think it’s too dull, enhance the flavor with mint leaves or honey. Sip and gargle the tasteful liquid around the affected area so that the stubborn stones can easily be removed.

6. Eat Raw Garlic and Onions

Get benefit from the spices at your kitchen to lift the stone formation causing the malodorous smell. Garlic consist of antibacterial properties and antioxidant to fight against any types of bacteria living in the tonsil stones.

Just chew the garlic cloves or add them into a deliciously fresh salad. Don’t miss out the onions! They also have amazing feature to remove the harmful pathogens, as well as infections, and maintain your oral health. Enjoy the sliced onions raw three times a day to keep the doctor away.

7. Delight in Real Yogurt

The following thing on how to get rid of tonsil stones is consuming natural yogurt. The fermented milk consists of bacteria named probiotic which are favorable to remove the adverse bacteria not only in the tonsils but also other body parts.

How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones with yogurt

Delicious and healthy

Having plain yogurt on a regular basis is also good to fulfill your daily need of calcium and lean protein—that’s why people on weight loss program always include this creamy food on their daily meal. Twice a day during breakfast and dinner is recommended.

8. Drink Lime Juice

Lime has been used for a medical purpose for many decades. The acidic juice containing vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium is great to clear out the tonsil stones and prevent another occurrence. Add the lime juice in a glass of cold water.

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You can mix other aromatic ingredients such as ginger and lemongrass to make the flavor richer. Drink the fresh unsweetened beverage regularly (three times a day) so that your healthy throat will back immediately.

9. Have a Balanced Diet

If you apply the healthy lifestyle everyday like eating properly, you will find everything in your body is good. Having proper meals rich in nutrients such as probiotics, vitamin, and mineral is another effective way to remove the formation of tonsil stones.

Opt for fresh vegetables such as asparagus, brussel sprout, carrot, spinach, etc. For the protein intake, consuming lentil and beans is much better than the dairy products that are increasing the amount of mucus such as milk and cheese.

Once you feel something wrong in your throat, you need to consider it—who knows the tonsil stones are threatening you. Don’t get worried! There are plenty of natural ways (without doctor’s prescription) on how to get rid of tonsil stones; from gargling with salty water to having a balanced diet.

Avoid taking the medical treatment such as antibiotics and tonsillectomy might save your money. For those with difficulty in swallowing as the tonsil stones are getting enlarged, a surgical procedure is highly recommended.

How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones? 9 Ways To Do It Properly
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