Coughing Up Tonsil Stones; Five Conditions You Need to Know

coughing up tonsil stonesWhen you are coughing or brushing your teeth, does thick mucus, a solid chunk or a mushy small ball come out from your mouth? If you sometimes experience such things, you might wonder what they are.Coughing up those unusual matters can be a cause of worry. In most cases, you will likely to be coughing up tonsil stones that may have a bad influence on your oral health and hygiene.

However, to make it clearer whether you have a common symptom of cold or a harmful tonsil stones infection, it is wise for you to examine the condition first before taking another step further.

By paying attention to the symptoms when coughing something up, you will be able to respond with the right reaction and know how to do the right thing for your condition.

There are several conditions of coughing up some unusual things that you need to understand before coming to a conclusion that you may be coughing up tonsil stones.

1. Coughing up clear mucus without smell for few days

This condition may happen to everyone in a while, meaning that it is a normal occurrence. Clear mucus is a sign that your body may have a general cough and cold.

Just simply take some cough syrup and have a rest for a little time. Your body will recover from this cough condition in less than a week.

2. Coughing up plain mucus without smell or chunks for few months

This condition is usually coincided with continuing cold and cough for several months. The plain mucus you are coughing up is a sign of sinusitis infection. It is not uncommon that you may sneeze or cough up some mucus in a greenish color.

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Although it does not indicate anything dangerous related to tonsil stones infection, you still need to pay attention to the sinusitis symptoms that you encounter.

More often, a long-lasting symptom of sinus can enlarge the tonsil crypts.

3. Coughing up white foamy mucus with a pungent smell from mouth

The pungent smell that accompanies white foamy mucus you are coughing up indicates that you are in a starting stage of tonsil stones. The smell is caused by the process of calcification in your mouth. This process adds the excessive number of calcium substances and other substances such as magnesium, phosphorus, ammonia, carbonate, and sulfur.

When this condition happens to you, it is best for you to take action to cure it as soon as possible. Delayed treatment of this symptom can increase the calcification process, making the shaped stones on your tonsils grow larger.

The first step you need to take when coughing up white mucus with a pungent smell is examining your mouth in the mirror with a flashlight. Open your mouth and shine the flashlight into it. See if you can find white spots on the tonsils. If your mouth looks clear and you cannot find the white spots, it can be said that you are in a good condition.

The white mucus you are coughing up may be a sign of tonsil stones, but it is still in the lower state. From now on, you only need to pay more attention to your oral hygiene. Not only brushing your teeth, but you also need to start cleaning tongue and tonsils as well as your jaws area. In addition to those treatments, it is necessary for you to rinse your mouth using salt water once or twice in several days to make you recover gradually from this condition.

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A different treatment must be done when you find the white spots on your tonsils or tongue area. The white spots indicate that the calcification process on your mouth starts to increase. Once you find such spots, you need to brush up the tonsils and remove them.

4. Coughing up mucus, white chunks or white foam with a foul smell for many times

The white chunks you find in your cough are formed by a large number of bacteria and a heap of food particles. For few months, some particles of the food you eat get stuck on your tonsils. Bacteria and other foreign particles attach to those food pieces, causing the particles to grow bigger and come out from your throat with other bacteria when you cough.

coughing up tonsil stones

The white chunks are the clear sign that you cough up tonsil stones and the white debris that follow them. This condition shows enough warning for you that you are in a serious stage of tonsil stones. Other symptoms that you may experience after coughing up tonsil stones include intense bad breath, tonsil swelling, throat irritation, sore throat, ear pain, and in more chronic cases causing yellow or white small balls developed on the tonsils.

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In a general state, coughing up mucus, white chunks or white foam can be accompanied by large lumps of white particles. Those lumps are actually your tonsil stones in a bigger size. When finding the certain large and white lumps, you need to remove them immediately. Otherwise, you will get a severe infection of tonsil in the future.

5. Coughing up white chunks or foamy mucus, and sometimes blood in a painful state

If you produce a painful cough with white chunks or even blood, you must take an extra careful action. This condition indicates that your tonsil has been completely infected and affected by bacteria. The blood comes out with a cough because the skin and tissues in your mouth are damaged by the accumulation of bacteria stuck at your tonsils.

The doctor you visit may suggest a process of removing the tonsil completely through an operation. However, before you decide to have the operation, there is a universal rule that you can apply to reduce the risk of tonsil removal and cure the condition in an effective way.

The rule is increasing and maintaining your oral hygiene for two benefits: create an unfavorable condition for the bacteria to grow and prevent the recurrence of tonsil stones. It is also worth mentioning that you have to apply the proper methods or practices when you want to reduce as well as remove existing tonsil infection.

Coughing Up Tonsil Stones; Five Conditions You Need to Know
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